People and Environment

Traser is committed to guaranteeing equal opportunities and treatment to its employees, so to build long-lasting relationships while promoting their professional and personal growth.

We believe it is important to offer its employees concrete career advancement opportunities.

The respect of the personal dignity and labour rights of each employee is fundamental as well as maintaining a safe work environment.


We never compromise on safety. We pay attention for one another and stop work if it’s not safe.


We do what we believe it is right, even when it not the easiest solution. We always treat each other fairly and with respect.


We take responsibility for our actions. We talk and listen to others to understand what they expect from us. We work to improve our commercial, social and environmental performance.


We work efficiently and focus on what’s important. We avoid unnecessary complexity and look for simple, straight-forward solutions.


We’re honest and simple when we communicate. To always improve ourselves we share information and encourage dialogue and feedback.


We’re always searching new ways to create value and find better and safer methods of working. We encourage new ideas and quickly adapt to change.

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Phone: +39.0143.68.65.67


Address: Via Cassano, 99 - 15069 Serravalle Scrivia (AL)

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