Packaging and shipment care is our utmost concern.

Our product packaging is sturdy, reliable in order to prevent tampering and further ensure the safety and integrity of the product. Attention to packaging is a key factor in our process.

This may include the following steps:

The VCI anticorrosion paper is placed around the laminations in the box. The empty spaces of the box are fulfilled with sustainable, light-weight void fill materials, preventing the products from shifting around during transit.
The silica gel is placed inside in order to absorb the air humidity.
The VCI paper is folded and fixed with adhesive tape so that the laminations are completely covered.
The box is finally closed with polypropylene straps sealed to ensure the safety of the deliveries.

To protect the laminations against corrosion, it is recommended to store the products in intact original packaging in covered waterproof warehouses. Other packaging elements may be used upon agreement with the customer.

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